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Chickens & Feed

Our Chickens

  • Started Pullets & Hens $25 each
  • Roosters $20 each
  • Chicks $7 each (3 or more only)

The egg layers and roosters we raise for sale are Plymouth “Barred” Rocks.  With a strong Northeast lineage, Barred Rocks are a great breed for our area and striking to look at.  They are a friendly, winter hardy bird that does very well in large or small flocks and will probably be the first at your feet at feeding time.  Most Barred Rock hens produce between 260 – 300 eggs annually and, although slower, produce in the colder months when daylight is at a minimum and many other breeds stop laying.  Our birds are sold in groups of 2 or more only.

Poultry Feed

The feed we provide to our birds and make available to our customers is locally sourced and manufactured by 7th Heaven Farm. 

“7th Heaven Farm feeds are certified Non-GMO, corn free, soy free, preservative free poultry and livestock feeds made from whole grains – no byproducts. The whole grains are certified Non-GMO and grown, harvested and milled according to the Non-GMO Project.  All balancers are certified organic from Fertrell.”  – 7th Heaven Farm, LLC.

In a nutshell, we find these feeds rival the more expensive, organically labeled feeds from large suppliers in ingredients, freshness, texture, and scent, and have become a staple in our flock’s diet.

Chickens & Feed