Sawmill Creek Farm

Small Farm Fresh

“We must make organic and farm-raised costs more affordable. We need to come to a level where people who don’t have a lot of money can afford it. If we could eat just fresh foods, it would be wonderful.”

– Anna Pump

About Me

Hi, my name is Mark James.  With the help of my family and  friends, I’ve created a small, sustainable urban farm.  I began, as many do, with a few chickens.  Chickens led to our first beehive, bees led to planting fruits and vegetables, and each day we grow and expand a little more.  From our chicken feed to the food we grow and eat, everything begins as a NON-GMO seed and is raised organically, without the use of harsh chemicals.  Our bees pollinate our crops and pests are controlled by implementing companion planting methods.  I hope you can enjoy some of the fruits of our efforts!


Fresh Eggs

Our fresh eggs come from hand raised, free-range hens that are fed NON-GMO grains, organic fruits and veggies, and good ‘ol worms and bugs.

Chickens & Feed

We hand raise Plymouth “Barred” Rock chickens for year round egg production and carry locally grown, NON-GMO poultry feed.

Bee Products

Our bees are raised naturally and provide various honey, wax and pollen products.

From The Gardens

Our fruits and vegetables are grown from organic, NON-GMO seed in our well composted gardens.


Herbertsville, Brick, New Jersey
(732) 701-7347